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Inner Atlas was originally conceptualized by Dr. Whitney James, a neurosurgeon in Northern Arizona, and her partners, Malisa Szallkiewicz and Kori Moore-Gibson, both former educators and current Yoga Therapists.

After observing a similar program at the clinic of the esteemed pain management physician, Dr. Lisa Stearns, they were inspired to adopt and adapt a program of their very own.

The Inner Atlas curriculum integrates the current studies on the nervous system, as well as yogic tools to help patients play an active role in their healing process and transform their relationship with pain.

This unique method of facilitating medical care has proven highly effective for hundreds of patients, in several pilot facilities, and we are thrilled to make it available to you at your clinic.

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Our philosophy of care

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Melding the art and science of medicine, Dr. Whitney James applies outpatient surgical solutions to alleviate brain, spine, and peripheral nerve damage resulting in acute and chronic pain. Having completed sixteen years of medical study, Dr.James’ milestone achievements include a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience from Bates College in Maine; a research fellowship at the National Institutes of Health; a Fulbright Scholarship for medical research in Colombia; a Master’s in health science and international health policy from Johns Hopkins University; a Yale University Doctor of Medicine degree, and an active Doximity Scholar. A married mother of two, Dr. James lives in downtown Prescott and balances her love of family with her passion for wellness and the neurosciences.

Kori Moore-Gibson


An avid learner and lifetime student of Yoga, Kori Moore-Gibson graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Secondary Education degree, and her passion for equitable education and deepening self-awareness helped to prepare her for her continuing life path as a Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and Yoga Teacher (500 hour+). In addition to running a private yoga therapy practice out of her home studio in Flagstaff , Arizona, Kori co-facilitates the Inner Atlas chronic pain management program and works one-on-one with patients in Dr. James’ Neuromodulatory clinic. It is her greatest joy to support individuals by educating them on how to take a balanced approach to health and wellness through the accessible incorporation of the sacred tools of yoga. She is very grateful for the inspiration and teachings of all her teachers throughout the years, and for the practices of Yoga (which comes from India). Kori loves eating nourishing food, hiking, biking, traveling, and enjoying life with her daughter, husband and two dogs.

Malisa Szalkiewicz


As a tenured Yoga teacher and owner of Northern Arizona Yoga Center, Malisa Szalkiewicz is passionate about evolving as an instructor and supporting individuals as they deepen their understanding of the benefits of Yoga. Having earned a Master's of Education, Malisa truly has the heart of a teacher and uses the innate power and tools of Yoga to help students and patients find a sense of inner peace and enjoy being in their bodies. In 2018, Malisa joined Dr. Whitney James at the Neuromodulatory clinic in Prescott, Arizona and began developing the Inner Atlas comprehensive healthcare curriculum. Through offering group and individual sessions, she has helped hundreds of patients learn Yoga techniques to manage and transform their relationship with pain. Malisa enjoys living in Flagstaff, Arizona, spending time with her family, playing in the woods, and being surrounded by people she loves.

With Gratitude

We wish to acknowledge and honor the sacred practice of yoga, which comes from India, and we offer deep gratitude to all of the teachers who have carried forth this sacred science - as well as our own teachers.

The INNEr atlas family


At Inner Atlas, the well-being, empowerment, and joy of our patients, healthcare providers, and communities is our ‘Why.’  

At no additional cost than the standard co-pay for your patients, patients can build a toolbox of resources, take control of their health, enhance the quality of their lives and expand their capacity for joy.

The stress and pain reduction strategies learned through the Inner Atlas curriculum help patients remember and experience their wholeness, regardless of their diagnosis.

With a greater goal of strengthening the communities around us, the Inner Atlas program helps to provide access to wellness to a broad and diverse patient population while providing more care options for doctors and stability for supportive therapists.

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With a dynamic curriculum, the Inner Atlas Team continually improves upon the program materials based on patient feedback, data from their results, and the latest scientific findings.

As a member of Inner Atlas you will gain access to the most up-to-date curriculum and clinic implementation model.

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“it’s not about digging or mining for pain, it’s about shifting perspective, leaning in, and opening to the full spectrum of this human experience.”

Kori Moore-Gibson

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