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"Through the Group sessions, we have formed friendships and a fondness for one another that I don’t think anyone could have predicted.”

Julie E.

Prescott, AZ

Julie joined the Inner Atlas program to assist with managing chronic illness. Aside from learning breathing and stretching techniques, which she has incorporated into her daily life, one of Julie’s favorite things about Inner Atlas is the community and comradery developed through participation in Group Sessions. She states, “I look forward to seeing the other attendees and hearing about their progress, sharing in their setbacks, or just hearing about what’s going on in everyone’s lives. Knowing you are not alone in this world of pain and that it can be better.




“I loved the sharing, discussions, and lessons. The breathing alone has made a huge difference in my life.”


Prescott, AZ

Penney was reluctant to try the Inner Atlas program to help manage her chronic pain, but after engaging in supportive therapies and attending Group Sessions, she saw the benefit of incorporating mind-body modalities into her healthcare plan. Not only did Penney embrace the education and movement activities, she consistently brought humor to her Group Sessions - and proved to be a great example of how laughter is medicine! Penney states, “When I started, I didn’t know exactly what yoga was, had not experienced it first hand, and was ignorant. What a fool! The breathing alone has made a huge difference in my life.”

Pain Remediation



"More than just the body needs healing. The Group sessions help heal the mind, body, and spirit.”

George C.

Prescott, AZ

George joined the Inner Atlas program to help manage chronic pain. Of the many benefits he has seen as a result of his participation, most notably, he has reported an overall better quality of life during the day and better sleep at night. Of the psyche education included in the Inner Atlas curriculum, George remarked that the tools he learned helped him become aware of the emotions and habits that might contribute to his pain. In addition to remarking that, “More than just the body needs healing,” and that, “The Group Sessions help heal the mind, body, and spirit,” George states, “One of the best parts of my experience has been exercising in a way that doesn’t cause pain.”

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