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Inner Atlas provides healthcare centers with an integrative model designed to empower patients beyond the clinic through education, community, supportive therapies, and dynamic resources.



supportive THERAPIES

Inner Atlas' Supportive Therapies provide an approachable introduction to Yoga Therapy, massage, integrative body work, and guided meditation to support physical and emotional healing as well as overall wellness.

Our team will guide you with how to decide which Supportive Therapies you may want to provide for your patient population, best practices for hiring the right  therapists for your facility and how to utilize the care providers you already have to offer wellness services within your facility.


Inner Atlas Group Sessions

Included when you sign on with Inner Atlas, is access to our highly detailed and transformative 14+ lesson curriculum.  

This curriculum can be used by your care provider team and group facilitator(s) to educate and empower your patients.  

Our team will guide you with how to identify and communicate with prospective patients, schedule group sessions, locate the optimal space to facilitate the group, find and hire your group facilitator(s), and so much more.

a whole-person approach to patient care

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At Inner Atlas, the well-being, empowerment, and joy of our patients, healthcare providers, and communities is our ‘Why.’  
At no additional cost than the standard co-pay for your patinets, patients can build a toolbox of resources, take control of their health, enhance the quality of their lives and expand their capacity for joy.

The stress and pain reduction strategies learned through the Inner Atlas curriculum help patients remember and experience their wholeness, regardless of their diagnosis.

With a greater goal of strengthening the communities around us, the Inner Atlas program helps to provide access to wellness to a broad and diverse patient population while providing more care options for doctors and stability for supportive therapists.


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Available pricing options

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Our dynamic curriculum caters to healthcare facilities of all sizes

Bronze Package

  • Purchase of curriculum, with limited support
  • 1 hour of hands-on training
  • Real time updates with dynamic content
  • Tools and community access


one-time fee

+$99 per month

unlimited portal access

Silver Package

  • 3 hours of hands-on training
  • 1 hour of phone support per week, available during business hours
  • Real time updates with dynamic content
  • Tools and community access


one-time fee

+$99 per month

unlimited portal access

Gold Package & Hospital Pricing

  • 5 hours of hands-on training
  • Unlimited access to phone support (business hours)
  • Real time updates with dynamic content
  • Assistance with finding the best facilitators and/or local therapists


one-time fee

+$99 per month

unlimited portal access

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Inside the Inner Atlas member portal, our team will walk you through billing the program through insurance, from the perspectives of both the clinic and the patient.

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